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7 Male Foods That Work For Better Bedroom Performance

If your sex life is dull and you are not that good as you were a year ago, maybe you could sparkle it up with one of these foods? All of them work better than blue pills and they can make you a bedroom superhero again:


1. Almonds
foods to boos sex drive_1
Nutritionists recommend choosing almonds as regular snacks instead of fattening burgers and chocolate bars. Unlike unhealthy snacks, this one works best for our brain productivity and if taken occasionally – fills in our blood with male hormones. The last one is so important for our bedroom wins.


2. Avocados
foods to boos sex drive_2
Despite that fact that avocado is in trend over the past few years and all popular Instagrammers use it in their images to collect more likes, we cannot but mention its actual health benefits. Healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals make it a natural Viagra alternative. Start each day with 1 half of an avocado and watch what happens.

3. Garlic
Garlic on the wooden background
Most of us try to avoid garlic as a source of bad breath, but if you will manage to add it to your evening meal at least twice a week – your girlfriend will definitely notice the changes. Garlic works as a natural blood flow increases and it leads it directly to our genitals. A toothbrush and good toothpaste can beat bad breath so that you can enjoy the consequences.


4. Pastry and sour cream
foods to boos sex drive_4
A somewhat odd ancient recipe that worked for my sex adventures at least 3 times. Chop pastry, mix it with sour cream and use as a dressing for your salads or as a sauce for fish or meat. My grandpa swears this recipe keeps him in shape until now. Moreover, he is almost 70. For better result, men drink 500 grams of this ‘love potion’ every 2 days.


5. Seafood and fish
foods to boos sex drive_5
Seafood is known as a good aphrodisiac. To get any lady to your bed – treat her with a tasty seafood dinner and she is yours. Only a few people know it works for both – men and women. Fish and other sea products boost our natural hormones level. Even 200 grams of such meal can make us feel sexier and increase bedroom performance.

6. Chili peppers
foods to boos sex drive_6
Red hot chili peppers can boast with a chemical that triggers the production and release of endorphins. These cuties make us feel amazing minutes after we eat them. Chilies also work for stimulating nerve endings that make our hearts beat faster, directing blood flow down there. Just like seafood, it works for both genders making their intimacy much better.


7. Fresh fruit
foods to boos sex drive_7
Now it’s time for a good dessert. Choosing fresh fruit you will never fail. They won’t make you fat or cause any harm to your health (unless you are allergic). Most of them are stuffed with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that have all been associated with increasing the production of sex hormones. What is even more important – you won’t feel stuffed. Fruits never cause heaviness in the stomach – your moves will be easier and the pleasure you can get and give will rise drastically.



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